How to Purchase

Here are a few points to consider when purchasing a refrigerated air dryer:

  • Inlet temperature
  • Maximum air flow
  • A cool room free of dust for placement
  • Drain to get rid of water
  • Adequate voltage power source

Industrial air compressors
Air compressors have a wide range of uses, from gas stations with air for tires to powering jackhammers. Air compressors are typically classified by being either industrial grade, professional grade, and consumer grade.Two-stage air compressors, found at can be used to power a number of different tools including die grinders, air hammers, impact wrenches, and nail guns. Industrial air compressors can either be electric or gas. When choosing an industrial air conditioner, consider the amount of psi that you may need. You can also check with the manufacturer to ensure that the equipment will meet your pressure requirements.

The CFM will let you know the amount of airflow that the equipment can create. The CFM is also known as cubic feet per minute. Most air chambers function by first filling the air chamber with air and then reducing the volume of the air chamber. A single stage compressor draws the air in and reduces it to its final stage of pressure all within one stroke of pressure. A two-stage compressor works by an initial compression and then the air enters a second stage. The second stage the air enters an intercooler where it is again cooled and then compressed a second time. A two stage compressor may reach pressures up to 200 psi.

Medical air compressors
Compressed air plays a special role in the fields of dentistry as well as the medical field. These products are essential to delivering breathable air to patients. Because of the application, it’s crucial to have contaminant-free pure air. Some rehabilitation facilities use compressed air for physical therapy. Some doctors use compressed air to provide relief for patients with bladder stones or kidney stones. This is also an effective treatment for tennis elbow. Compressed air also allows for instrument cleaning without having to physically touch the items.

The medical and dental industries require higher air quality which can be easily provided with compressed air. NFPA 99 regulations create the standard by which medical facilities measure their compressed air systems. There are specific requirements such as a dew point which is at or below the point of frost.

When an industrial air compressor goes out, you may not be able to stop production while waiting on your replacement part. It can be easy to overlook the multitude of ways that people benefit from and depend upon compressed air. This equipment has a place in countless functions relied on by many industries.